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About Dr. Arboleda

I trained as a developmental psychologist at Harvard, where I graduated summa cum laude in 1976.  In 1982,  I obtained my doctorate in Psychology at Harvard.  My dissertation, on Thought Disorder in Children of Psychotic Parents was published in the journal, Archives of General Psychiatry.  After finishing my doctorate, I completed a clinical internship at the Judge Baker Guidance Center in Boston and a post-graduate internship at Boston's Children's Hospital.  For five years, I was a full time staff member and taught at Children's Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliated teaching hospital.  Afterwards, I worked at various private schools in the Boston area and was a member of a group of psychologists who organized national conferences for private school teachers.  I established my solo private practice in Cambridge in 1985 and have dedicated myself exclusively to it since 1989. 

I tend to practice within an insight-oriented and relational perspective, but also use some mindfulness and cognitive therapy techniques. 

I have lived in the Boston area since 1972. However, I was born and raised bilingually in Bogotá, Colombia, educated in English speaking schools, spent a year living in Paris, and have traveled extensively throughout the world. When it is useful to do so, I am able to bring an international perspective to my clinical work.  Mostly, I have worked with U.S. citizens, but also have extensive experience treating citizens from numerous countries.